Kelly Gerling http://progressiverevolution.orgWelcome to Progressive Revolution

by Kelly Gerling

This site is for you if you’re someone who desires real change in the United States—progressive change consistent with the progressive public opinion of a majority of Americans. Real progressive change in America would mean this: our foreign policy would shift away from a militarist global war on terror towards a law-abiding global rule of law. Our domestic policy would shift away from a Hood-Robin economy with money flowing upwards to the already-rich, towards an economy building an ever-stronger middle class with a safety net of employment and health insurance for all. Our electoral policy would shift from the sovereignty of our government and Constitution over the democratic majority, towards a modern system with an accountable, proportional, multi-party legislature answerable to the democratic majority, with solid protections against the corruption of private and corporate money.

To achieve such changes would mean that our nation would reject being the totalitarian, corporate plutocratic form of governmentit has become. Such changes would mean that we would achieve the democratic functioning where the will of the people IS the law of the land, whereby public policy matches public opinion. How? America would remake itself into a modern, non-corrupt, multi-party, democratic nation.

Changes of this magnitude would constitute a peaceful, progressive revolution. And I don’t mean a violent revolution. In fact, the following idea is central to my thinking: if we can make peaceful revolution inevitable, we make violent revolution unnecessary.

This site is an expression of my ideas for bringing about such a peaceful, constitutional, progressive revolution in the United States.

Speaking to you as a fellow American citizen and progressive activist, this site can be a place for your ideas as well.

A good way to use this site, and to help with the ultimate goal of bringing about a progressive, constitutional revolution in America, is to read the key articles and comment critically, suggesting what is problematic and what could be improved. And always, consider what you can do to help. We all need to do our part, don’t we? No one person can bring about peaceful, revolutionary political change—it will take millions of us.

Regarding my other websites . . .

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