Will Bernie Sanders Challenge President Obama in 2012?

by Kelly Gerling

After his 8.5 hour Senate speech in which Senator Bernie Sanders detailed the corporate takeover of American, over decades whereby our nation has become a plutocracy, sources inside Vermont have not denied that there is a possibility that he will run for President in the 2012 Democratic Primary. By a 2012 primary challenge by Senator Sanders, President Obama would have to face actual, real, concretely stated progressive policy criticisms by his challenger. This would pose a grave risk to his administration due to the fact that actual policies would be discussed as well as having a smart person challenge his corporate, conservative policies, back room deals with business and industry, and more.

Such a move by Sanders—a decision to actually do something with consequences—would not only fulfill Ralph Nader’s call for a progressive challenger to do so, but would also tend to erode the often-thought characterization of American progressives as do-nothing, shy, frail, action-less, namby-pamby, pushover, crybaby, bought-and-paid-for cowards who lack the courage of any conviction whatsoever other than that which will keep them in office via the usual campaign bribes.

To determine if the sources inside Vermont are accurate will require that we want and find out if Sanders is all talk, or if he can actually DO SOMETHING to challenge to those in power, who already know the truth, and how determine their power by the effectiveness or lack of it by their adversaries.

We will see . . .

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